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NEB logoThe National Energy Board of Canada (NEB) is an independent federal agency responsible for monitoring and regulating several aspects of Canada's energy industry. NEB responsibilities include the regulation of electricity exports to the United States, construction and operation of international transmission lines, and elements of the oil and gas sectors. The NEB also studies and monitors various aspects of the energy sector.

The NEB's corporate purpose is to "promote safety, environmental protection and economic efficiency in the Canadian public interest within the mandate set by Parliament." It operates under the National Energy Board Act, with responsibilities under other sets of legislation as well.

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Manitoba Hydro has a series of NEB licenses that permit the company to sell electricity into the United States. (No NEB licenses are required for sale into Canadian provinces.) Manitoba Hydro also operates four transmission lines that connect with American markets. These also fall under the purview of the NEB.

Export of energy to the United States is central to the operations of Manitoba Hydro. Between 1999 and 2004 Manitoba Hydro sold 30.5% of the energy it generated into American markets (measured by revenue rather than kilowatt hours). Between 2004 and 2008, that number slightly increased to 33%.

Manitoba Hydro exports energy to dozens of American companies including Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy.

Sources: National Energy Board and Manitoba Hydro Annual Reports

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