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First Nations and the CETI

In March of 2006, Ontario Ministry of Energy (MOE) retained consultants on behalf of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Chiefs Steering Committee and the MOE to undertake a report to identify and review the potential impacts of the proposal to import renewable power and energy, from Manitoba into Ontario on affected Ontario First Nations.

This energy transfer proposal is known as the Clean Energy Transfer Initiative, or CETI and involves the transfer of 1500MW - 3000MW of hydro electric power, by way of a high voltage (HV) transmission line corridor, from the proposed new Conawapa hydro electric facility on the Nelson River in North-eastern Manitoba, through northern Ontario, to Sudbury. The document was prepared for the purposes of further engaging First Nations in the review of the CETI initiative.

Download July 2006 Executive Summary to Ontario Ministry of Energy and Chiefs Steering Committee - Northwest Ontario Transmission Line Study (PDF)
Coming soon: the July 2006 report - Northwest Ontario Transmission Line Study

First Phase CETI: Ontario & Manitoba to Upgrade Transmission

Manitoba and Ontario signed an agreement that will see Manitoba transfer $500 million in clean, renewable hydro power to Ontario - up to 400 MW annually, based on transmission infrastructure upgrades between the two provinces.

The agreement, announced in October 2005, is the first phase of a larger 1,500 to 3,000 megawatt (MW) intended power sale - the Clean Energy Transfer Initiative (CETI) -under discussion by the two provinces (see section above for more details).

View the October 27, 2005 Government of Manitoba press release

Current transmission infrastructure will allow for power sales to Ontario in 2006 of 150 MW. This will increase to 400 MW annually by 2009 (pending requirements for environmental licenses) as transmission upgrades come online between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay.

Manitoba and Ontario have stated that they will continue to discuss the second phase of the CETI, which would require the construction of new generating facilities in northern Manitoba, as well as new transmission infrastructure.

As of July 2009, the federal government has not committed any financial support for the CETI and the agreement between Ontario and Manitoba for the first phase of the CETI is not publicly available. No public steps have been taken concerning a Manitoba-Ontario power grid since June 2005.