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Federal Comprehensive Study Report

Manitoba dam

The federal comprehensive study report for the Wuskwatim Generation project, authored by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, was released November 2005. Several organizations and groups took advantage of the 30-day public comment period, which expired December 21, 2005, to submit comments regarding the CSR. Several organizations reiterated a call for a federal review panel for the Wuskwatim projects, citing deficiencies in the CSR, the significant amount of unresolved public concerns, and various other challenges related to environmental effects, and the review process itself.

Download Manitoba Wildlands' December 21, 2005 letter to the CEAA, federal Ministers of Environment, and Fisheries and Oceans (PDF)
Download Manitoba Wildlands' general comments on Wuskwatim federal CSR (PDF)
Download Manitoba Wildlands' page by page comments on Wuskwatim federal CSR (PDF)
View Energy Manitoba's Wuskwatim Archive for history, evidence, presentations, etc, from the hearings.

Several other organizations and communities provided comments on the CSR, see below.

Download CIER comments on behalf of the Community Association of South Indian Lake (CASIL) on federal CSR (PDF)
Download Trapline 18 legal comments on federal CSR (DOC)
Download Narration of the September 2005 Trapline 18 Aerial Hydrology DVD (TXT)
Download Natural Resources Defense Council, Washington DC comments on federal CSR (PDF)
Download Pimicikamak legal comments on federal CSR (DOC)
Download Manitoba Metis Federation comments on federal CSR (DOC)