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Wuskwatim Hearings

The Wuskwatim hearings began March 1, 2004 and concluded June 9, 2004. Energy Manitoba's Wuskwatim Archives contains detailed information on the hearings process, including links to transcripts, daily summaries, news coverage, evidence lists, presentations, schedules, and work products by public participants.

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The CEC released its report and recommendations from the Wuskwatim hearings October 4, 2004.

Download CEC Wuskwatim report (Recommendations start on Page 122) (PDF)
View October 19, 2004 Manitoba Wildlands news item

Manitoba Wildlands was a funded participant in the review process for the Wuskwatim projects from the time Manitoba Hydro filed its Environment Act Proposal for the Wuskwatim Generation and Transmission projects in December 2001. Manitoba Wildlands assessed the CEC Wuskwatim report against their own technical work and analysis regarding the Wuskwatim review and hearings.

Download February 2005, Manitoba Wildlands Analysis of Recommendations - Report on Public Hearings - Wuskwatim Generation and Transmission Projects (PDF)

Starting in 2002 environmental and community participants in the Wuskwatim reviews asked the federal minister of Environment to appoint a federal review panel for the projects, based on the failure of Manitoba to undertake a joint assessment with a joint panel for the Wuskwatim hearings. The high level of public concern about impacts from the Wuskwatim projects has continued. Aspects of the Cooperative Environmental Agreement between Manitoba and Canada were in question throughout the Wuskwatim review, assessment and hearings.

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In addition to licensing requirements under the Manitoba Environment Act and Water Power Act, Manitoba Hydro had to also fulfill requirements of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA). Federal officials with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), which is the federal Responsible Authority (RA) under CEAA for the Wuskwatim Generation Project released the Comprehensive Study report for the Wuskwatim Generation Project, as required under CEAA in November 2005 (see the Federal Comprehensive Study Report section).