Energy Manitoba

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro LogoEnergy production and distribution in Manitoba is inextricably linked to its publicly owned utility. Manitoba Hydro serves 510 000 electric customers throughout Manitoba and 258 000 natural gas customers in various communities throughout southern Manitoba.
The utility has several roles:
  • electricity production (water power, thermal generation, natural gas, diesel)
  • electricity purchase (wind sources)
  • electricity delivery (transmission system)
  • electricity export (provinces, US)
  • electricity import (provinces, US)
  • natural gas purchasing (import), distribution (pipeline system)
  • promotion and support for energy conservation (Power Smart programs)
  • transmission for all power sources
  • exploration and support for other sources of clean, renewable energy (geo-thermal heat pumps)

Manitoba Hydro (as the name implies) was originally primarily a hydro-electricity company and this function still dominates its operation. When it purchased Winnipeg Hydro, an electrical utility previously owned by the City of Winnipeg, in 2002, it became the only provider (generation and transmission) of hydro-electricity in the province. With the acquisition of Centra Gas in 1999, Manitoba Hydro became the primary supplier of natural gas for industrial, commercial and residential use in Manitoba. The publicly owned corporation claims that Manitobans enjoy the lowest energy costs in North America.

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