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Sustainable Development/Principles

In 1993, Manitoba Hydro adopted a sustainable development policy and 13 complementary guiding principles based on the principles and guidelines of sustainable development adopted by the Manitoba Round Table on Environment and Economy. These principles are also contained in the Manitoba Sustainable Development Act.

Manitoba Hydro applies the principles of sustainable development in all aspects of its operations to achieve environmentally sound and sustainable economic development.

These sustainable development principles: ( See link for detail, explanation.)

  1. Stewardship of the Economy and the Environment
  2. Shared Responsibility
  3. Integration of Environmental and Economic Decisions
  4. Economic Enhancement
  5. Efficient Use of Resources
  6. Prevention and Remedy
  7. Conservation
  8. Waste Minimization
  9. Access to Adequate Information
  10. Public Participation
  11. Understanding and Respect
  12. Scientific and Technological Innovation
  13. Global Responsibility
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Source: Manitoba Hydro