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Manitoba Signs Midwest Climate Accord/
Energy and Climate Platform

Six Midwestern governors and the Premier of Manitoba signed agreements to promote renewable energy and climate stewardship in Milwaukee November 14, 2007.

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The governors of Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin and the premier of Manitoba signed the "Greenhouse Gas Accord", which commits the states and Manitoba to work together to slash emissions linked to global warming over coming decades. They will establish regional targets for reducing greenhouse gases as well as a regional cap and trade mechanism for carbon emissions.

The Midwest Greenhouse Gas Accord will:
  • Establish greenhouse gas reduction targets and timeframes consistent with MGA member states' targets;
  • Develop a market-based and multi-sector cap-and-trade mechanism to help achieve reduction targets;
  • Establish a system to enable tracking, management, and crediting for entities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Develop and implement additional steps to achieve reduction targets.

All 12 governors and Manitoba signed the "Energy Security and Climate Stewardship Platform for the Midwest". The Platform is designed to:

  • encourage development of hydro power, wind, biofuels, geothermal and other renewable energy sources
  • outline specific efforts to increase energy efficiency
  • set goals for development of next-generation coal-fired power plants and underground carbon dumps for carbon dioxide emissions
Among Platform goals:
  • All new coal-fired power plants built after 2020 required to capture carbon dioxide, ship to an underground storage site.
  • By 2030 30% of region's electricity comes from renewable energy sources (wind turbines, landfill gas).
  • One-third of region's gas stations selling the E85 blend of ethanol by 2025.

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