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New Building--Plumbing Codes for Manitoba

Amendments to Manitoba building and plumbing codes take effect December 1, 2010. The changes are the result of Manitoba Fire Commissioner consultations with homebuilders, contractors and technical experts. The new codes will be applied to new construction and homes undergoing extensive renovations.

"These changes are designed to further reduce our footprint on the environment and help Manitobans have a greener future," explained the Minister responsible for the changes Jennifer Howard, "for an average two-storey, gas-heated home, carbon-dioxide emissions will be reduced by more than half or about 1.25 tonnes per year."

Building code changes include: specifying minimum energy-efficiency requirements for windows, eliminating the pilot light in gas fireplaces, increasing the required level of attic insulation to R50, requiring a minimum 94 per cent fuel-efficiency rating for furnaces, specifying a mid-efficient heat-recovery ventilator, and introducing energy-modelling software.

Changes to the plumbing code allow for reduced maximum-flow rates in residential water devices such as toilets and shower heads. In addition, they will allow the reuse of non-potable (grey) water for other applications around the home if it meets the Canadian Standards Association grey water standard expected to be released in December 2010.

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Source: Manitoba Government

New Commercial Building Energy Code

offices There have been no updates to the Commercial Building Energy Code since 2006, however the Manitoba Government implemented the "Green Building Policy for Manitoba Government Funded Projects" to encourage green building, and Manitoba Hydro has implemented "PowerSmart Design Standards for New or Renovated Buildings" that must be followed to qualify for the Power Smart designation.

View Government of Manitoba Green Building Policy (PDF)
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Manitoba Energy and Mines Minister Jim Rondeau released a report from the Manitoba Energy Code Advisory Committee October 18, 2006. The September 2006 advisory report, Building Energy, Building Leadership, outlines a strategy intended to make new commercial buildings in Manitoba energy efficient and less expensive to operate.

The report was authored by the 15-member Energy Code Advisory Committee comprised of construction professionals, developers, energy experts and others. Its 17 recommendations include:
  • adopting cost-effective, minimum energy-efficiency requirements for new commercial construction (via a regulation to adopt Canada's Model National Energy Code for Buildings)
  • providing training and technical resources needed to build industry capacity and ensure effective implementation of the energy code

The report demonstrates energy-efficient components such as greater insulation, high-performance windows and efficient T8 and LED lighting that can deliver significant energy savings without significant capital-cost increases.

Download the September 2006 Manitoba Energy Code Advisory Committee report, Building Energy, Building Leadership (PDF)