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Low Impact Hydropower Institute

Poplar forest by Garth Lenz

The Low Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI) is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to reducing impacts of hydropower generation through certification of hydropower projects that avoid or reduce their environmental impacts based on the Low Impact Hydropower Institute's criteria.

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LIHI's mission is to reduce impacts of hydropower dams through market incentives. LIHI does this through its Hydropower Certification Program, a voluntary certification program designed to help identify and reward hydropower dams that minimize their environmental impacts. Just as an organic label can help consumers choose foods and farming practices they want to support, the LIHI certification program helps energy consumers choose energy and hydropower practices they want to support.

As of September 2009 none of the dams in Manitoba are certified by the Institute.

In order to be certified by the Institute, a hydropower facility must meet criteria in the following eight areas:

  1. river flows,
  2. water quality,
  3. fish passage and protection,
  4. watershed protection
  5. threatened and endangered species protection,
  6. cultural resource protection,
  7. recreation, and
  8. facilities recommended for removal.

Download LIHI's Low Impact Hydropower Certification Criteria Summary of Goals and Standards (PDF)
Visit LIHI's Certification Program for information, including LIHI's Certification Package

Source: Low Impact Hydropower Institute