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Renewable Energy Standards - EU

In March 2007, European leaders signed a binding, EU-wide target to source 20% of their energy needs from renewable sources such as biomass, wind, hydro, and solar power by 2020. To meet these requirements, individual countries set targets and leaders agreed on a new Renewables Directive in April 2009 to promote renewable energy. This policy is specific that each member state increases its share of renewable energies from 8.5% (standard in 2008) to 20% by 2020.. Countries are free to choose their preferred mix of renewable resources.

By June 2010 The EU is hoping to have all countries present National Renewable Energy Action Plans with progress reports every 2 years. Action Plans will focus on three sectors: electricity, heating and cooling, and transport. Countries can link their plans to other EU states with buying and trading of excess renewable energy credits.

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