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Concerns have been raised because ten of the eleven projects licensed or in the process of obtaining an environmental licence in Manitoba are 99 MW projects. This avoids classification as a Class 3 development (projects under 100 MW are Class 2 developments) under the Environment Act, resulting in lower licensing fees, less public involvement, no public hearings, and no EIS Guidelines.

Currently, despite political commitments to avoid staged environmental licenses in Manitoba, these 99 MW project developers assume they can add to their projects without having to be assessed, etc. Also there are no public EIS standards in Manitoba for wind energy projects. An example of what this means is that there are no set back standards.

Download Manitoba Wildlands/CNF October 17, 2003 comments: Sequoia Energy Inc. - St. Leon Wind-Energy Project (PDF)
Download Manitoba Wildlands/CNF December 12, 2003 appeal of the November 14, 2003 environmental license for Sequoia Energy Inc. - St. Leon Wind-Energy Project (PDF)
Download Manitoba Wildlands' March 8, 2006 comments: Killarney Wind Energy Project (PDF)
Download Manitoba Wildlands' April 12, 2006 comments: Dacotah Wind Energy Project (PDF)

Other individuals and groups, including landowners/farmers in Manitoba, also raised concerns and provided comments on wind energy projects that have are being licensed under Manitoba's Environment Act.

Some of the concerns raised by farmers and landowners about effects from the 99 MW Swan Lake Wind Energy Project (Greenwing Energy Development L.P.) include:
  • public participation has not been adequate - e.g. problems exist with regard to accessing information; public comment period too limited
  • the developer will not release information to support its claim that they have the support of a majority of landowners in the area
  • landowners who are not participating in the project will be subject to many of the same restrictions (without compensation) as participating landowners
Information for landowners considering agreements to develop wind power on their lands or whose lands may be affected:

The Manitoba Government has committed to the development of 1,000MW of wind power over the next decade. The province and Manitoba Hydro issued an invitation for expressions of interest (EOI) from proponents for potential wind-power projects of more than 10 megawatts (MW) and up to 1,000 MW in November 2005. The initial deadline of January 20, 2006 was extended to February 24, 2006.

View the November 21, 2005 Government of Manitoba press release

CanWEA logo The invitation for expressions of interest in wind power projects resulted in 36 responses from 43 proponents including wind developers, First Nations, communities, turbine manufacturers and consultants.

View the March 10, 2006 Government of Manitoba press release

In September 2006, the Manitoba Government took the next step towards its goal of 1,000 MW of wind power, announcing another request for proposals for 300 MW of private land to take place in winter 2006-07.

View September 7, 2006 Government of Manitoba press release

View Manitoba Crown land and federal wind project polices in the links below.
Download September 14, 2006 Manitoba Crown Land Policy and Wind Farms (PDF)
Download 2003 Canadian Wind Power Production Incentive EIS Guidelines (PDF)

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) website maintains up to date information regarding installed wind project and wind projects that have been contracted or are under construction.

View a chart of installed wind capacity by province
Download Canada's current installed wind capacity (PDF)

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