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St. Leon Wind Project

St. Leon Wind Turbines

The St. Leon Wind Energy Project is a 99 MW wind project located approximately 150 kilometers southwest of Winnipeg near the town of St. Leon and Swan Lake First Nation in Manitoba. It is the only wind project operating in Manitoba.

The project was licensed in November 2003 under Manitoba's Environment Act as a Class 2 Development (for more information on Class 1, 2 and 3 licences, go here) to Sequoia Energy. The project has since been acquired by Algonquin Power and became the St. Leon Wind Energy Limited Partnership.

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The initial Manitoba government environmental licence for the St. Leon Wind Energy Project (PR File # 4976.00) has been revised four times since 2003, with the most recent licence issued in December 2007 (Licence: 2629 RRRR (PDF)).

Construction of the wind project occurred over a number of years, with the project being declared a 'commercial operation' by Algonquin Power in September 2007. 'Commercial operation' can have a variety of meanings, depending on the agreement. September 2007, the project met Algonquin Power's definition of 'commercial operation', as "substantially complete". Commercial Operation, based on the power purchase agreement with Manitoba Hydro, began in 2006; when St. Leon began generating electricity.

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The St. Leon Wind Project consists of sixty-three 1.65 MW Vestas V82 Wind Turbine-Generators. The turbines stand 80 metres tall, with a rotor diameter of 82 metres. Each turbine assembly weighs approximately 220 tonnes. Turbines start generating at a minimum wind speed of three metres per second, always turning at 14.4 rpm.

This development also includes access roads, a collector substation, and an operations and maintenance building.

A 99 MW wind project is capable of powering approximately 41,000 homes.